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Recruit, Create & Support

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Recruit, Create & Support

Our economy is strong thanks in large part to our sector diversity. We support growth in the region’s leading sectors including value-added agriculture, logistics, software development and support, manufacturing, corporate headquarters and back office.

We recruit new companies, lift up entrepreneurs working to create new companies and support existing companies in their path to growth.

Recruit and Create

To keep our economy strong, we continue our work to attract companies that complement our region and add to our sector diversity.  At the EDC, we work alongside our partners, like Emerging Prairie and Grand Farm, to attract companies within the Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and ag tech sectors. Building on our strong base in the agriculture sector along with growing expertise in soil science, technology and world-class research, it just makes sense.

Sometimes, the talent or expertise is in your backyard. It’s an entrepreneur with an idea and a lot of courage. That’s why our EDC supports the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. We meet one-on-one with an entrepreneur over coffee, sponsor events and connect startups with resources to get them to the next stage.

Support Growth

We meet with existing regional companies one-on-one to learn about their company and their needs. Once we understand their specific needs, we can offer them assistance to support their growth. Armed with information on relevant programs or connections to partners, we help each company capitalize on opportunities or overcome obstacles to growth.

Through our work to directly support company expansion and recruitment to the market, and with the EDC managed Growth Initiative Fund, we’ve assisted more than 48 companies in 2019 and 2020. Here are a few highlights:

Golden Path Solutions (GPS) is a startup that connects students, employers and schools in a more deliberate and collaborative way. Their new application “Compass” helps students prepare for their future, assists employers to connect with future talent, and enables schools to be at the center of it all, GPS was the first recipient of the EDC’s new microloan, accessing $20,000 to support growth and gain access to other funding sources.

CI Apparel is a national supplier of apparel and promotional goods.  This project included the initial investment of more than $6.5 million into new equipment and the purchase and renovation of a 73,000 square foot building in Fargo.  This expansion increases their space by 45%, and provides the ability to add an additional 75,000 square foot building on the property at a later date.  CI Apparel anticipates creating 33 new positions.

Solid Comfort in Fargo manufactures wood and veneer furniture and cabinetry for the hospitality industry. The company invested roughly $7 million, adding 73,000 square feet of new space and plans to create 30 new jobs. The project provides the company capacity to capitalize on growth opportunities and address prior facility and operational constraints.

Infinite Leap, headquartered in Fargo, is a software and services company focused on IOT (Internet of Things)/RTLS (Real Time Location Solutions) primarily for the healthcare industry. Infinite Leap was founded in 2011 and currently has 45 employees with roughly 15 in Fargo Moorhead. The company was on track to continue a strong growth trend until the impacts of COVID derailed much of that momentum in 2020. The company is now resuming its growth trajectory and plans to inject $3 million into hiring and new equipment as it increases sales and rolls out several new technology solutions. The company plans to hire 10-15 new technical positions to support sales growth and new market penetration. Because of their strong technology and commercialization plans, Infinite Leap was able to secure $1 million in LIFT funds in June 2020.

The Abbiamo Pasta Company in Casselton is a pasta processor with a current capacity to produce 55 million pounds of pasta per year. Formed in 2013, Abbiamo purchases all their raw materials from ND companies and sells their product to customers across the United States. Abbiamo’s expansion added a third production line doubling their capacity adding 94,000 square feet to their existing facility. This expansion is expected to create 26 new positions.

Access Point Technologies (APT) is a global supplier of innovative medical devices focused on the cardiovascular market and electrophysiology (EP). APT chose to expand to the Greater Fargo Moorhead area opening a new research and design facility to develop, test and manufacture innovative medical devices. They are expected to create ten new positions with existing projects and additional projects being planned.  APT will occupy a custom built 6,000 square foot building of lab and office spaces in Horace, ND.


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