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Community Development

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Community Development

Supporting our Regional Community

If we’re only as great as our community, the Greater FM area is in luck.

Like any good community, we have challenges to overcome and opportunities to be even better. Our organization has taken the lead, supported others and partnered with organizations to market the region to potential candidates.


Arguably, one of the biggest challenges is selling the region to potential candidates who often hold misperceptions. When it comes to regional marketing, the EDC works to help companies educate prospective candidates on what it’s truly like to live and work here. We have created solutions like the Live In Fargo website and the FM Welcome Party. We’ve also helped companies make connections to partners like Job Service, or we have provided them data to make a more informed decision.

As we focus on our core mission, COVID has challenged us to come up with ways to offer our programs and initiatives differently and it’s made them better. Prior to COVID, our FM Welcome Party was an in-person event. In 2020, we held a virtual FM Welcome Party. The virtual format reached more than 1,000 people and can live on our website and social platforms. We’ve paused our in-person community tours as we build a new virtual tour format. The virtual tour will enhance the tours, allowing candidates outside the area to experience a tour.

Labor Market Data

One way we support companies is by providing robust labor market data like wage information, talent and skill scouting, cost of living comparisons and other information to support companies in their efforts to attract and retain talent.


This year has been challenging. In March, our organization started asking questions to anticipate what our community would need and how to best support long-term sustainability. Through collaboration, communication and quick responses, we believe our organization along with many partners at all levels have done everything we can to support our local economy.

Public Policy

We start with front-line conversations with business leaders to learn what public policies make doing business easier and which ones could be more effective. Through conversations with city, regional and state leaders and through collaborations, we support legislative changes that create a more business friendly environment.

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